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Rebekah and Frank

Bear Branch Timber Framing is a homegrown, family-owned business based in Wartburg, TN. We build barns, cabins, homes, greenhouses, and other structures. We are most excited about creating frames for families and communities committed to natural and sustainable building and living. 

We are located off of Bear Branch Rd on 42 Acres in Morgan County, where we have a shop, cabin, gardens, and trails weaving over creeks and ridges through our mostly forested property

On our homesite, our long term vision is to have a space to empower individuals to be self-sufficient, to share skills that enable others to live in relationship with the land, and to share and preserve traditional ways of living. Part of this vision includes holding Timber Frame Workshops, earth skills gatherings, gardening seminars, natural building tutorials, community gatherings, and ceremony. 

With six years of experience under our belts, we formally established Bear Branch Timber Framing in 2021.  We pride ourselves in being able to work and build almost anywhere.  


Currently, we have a strong client base across Southern Appalachia and have built frames in Virginia, North Carolina, and Eastern Tennessee.  

We are excited to hear about what projects you are envisioning and seeing how we can support your vision for the future. 

About Us

Currently, we are in North Carolina! After finishing Mark and Ladda's frame, we are taking a short break before we start our next job. Keep an eye out for our next blog in a few weeks. Also, you can check out our Bear Branch Facebook Group to see photos and more updates.

Where are Frank and Rebekah?


Meet The Team

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